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What Our Customers Are Saying

You'll never be disappointed here. The vinyl world gang is AMAZING!
Y'all never fail to amaze me! I ordered Thursday night was shipped Friday and will be here Monday. This Carolina girl is happy! ?
Was in the shop today!! I had a lot of fun! Friendly and helpful staff!
My order came today!! I ordered Wednesday and I am pretty excited for all of this beautiful Vinyl and Siser. Can't wait to put it to work! Super fast shipping, amazing service, and quality! Thank you Tami and team! Thank you for the scrap vinyl as well! ?
I ordered 75 12"x12" sheets of 651 Wednesday and it was delivered Saturday! Super excited and can't wait to get started on all my projects! Thank you Vinyl World!!
I just ordered for the first time yesterday. ...I'm so glad to find a site that had everything I needed so many only carried part of what I wanted...very excited to get my order.
Couldn't believe how fast my first order was on my door step. Will certainly be ordering again!

Important Order And Shipping Information

Normal processing time is 1-4 BUSINESS days from the time you order. Transit times are 3-5 days once it leaves our facility. We have no control over shipping delays.

Shipping rates are based on the order total.


  • $0.01-$10.00 = $7
  • $10.01-$20.00 = $8
  • $20.01-$30.00 = $9
  • $30.01-$40.00 = $11
  • $40.01-$50.00 = $12
  • $50.01-$60.00 = $13
  • $60.01-$70.00 = $14
  • $70.01 – $80.00 = $15
  • $80.01 – $90.00 = $16
  • $90.01 – $100.00 = $17
  • $100.01 – $125.00 = $18
  • $125.01 – $150.00 = $19
  • $150.01 – $300.00 = $22
  • $300.01 + = $26

Orders cannot be added to or canceled so be sure to check your order before purchasing.

We ship using USPS or FedEx depending on the package.

Payments that are HELD BY PAYPAL are out of our control and are postponed by them, not by us. Please call them with any concerns about funds.

We try to stay on top of stock but if an item is OUT OF STOCK it may delay shipping 3-4 business days, or we will refund automatically if there is no expected restock date. I do not have time to notify you of these delays. If you agree to the Terms and purchase here, this is a possibility, rare, but possible. If you purchase here, you agree that this is possible and you realize you will NOT be notified of such an occurrence.